Keeping your staff and data safe

Remote Control Data Security​

Office security should be a priority for every business.

While requirements may vary depending on individual needs, a minimum level of security is critical.

Here at The Remote Group takes security very seriously and as such, We offer a number of options to satisfy the varied levels of security required by modern businesses.

We conduct a thorough security analysis of all The Remote Group workplaces to identify any possible issues. This allows us to maintain the high levels of security that our customers demand.

Office security should be a priority for every business.

While requirements may vary depending on individual needs, a minimum level of security is critical.

Protecting your office and staff

Remote Control has a number of security protocols and policies in place to protect both WFH and office based staff protect and your office space, these includes:

Protecting your IP

Protecting your corporate information is vital part of your business. We have a number of security implementations to keep your information safe, including:


The productivity of your staff is critical. As a result, we have designed our systems and infrastructure to be resilient and agile.

The Remote Control Platform has been designed with reliability and redundancy in mind.

Our workplaces are entirely modular and while all have redundant power, connectivity and hardware, there can still be issues that may affect the delivery of time-critical tasks.

In the event of a catastrophic failure, your entire team can be relocated quickly and easily to another Remote Control location with minimal downtime.

Employee screening


Verification of education credentials to confirm the level of educational attainment.

Verifying performance records with previous
employers with an emphasis on true positions, duties and responsibilities, punctuality, performance output, pending money or property accountabilities, disciplinary sanctions, reputation, character and reasons for separation.


Verification of birth records to check identity The certificate of live birth of an individual is checked with the issuing City and or Municipal Civil Registrar.

Confirmation of address and residential status of a candidate (permanent resident or not) to review reputation and character in the community.

Check criminal history from Police and Criminal Court records to identify any issues that may affect candidate eligibility.

Check outstanding obligations in litigation or that have been referred to collections agents due to non-payment.

LinkedIn Remote Control of The Remote Group Data Security

Dedicated firewall

For customers who want an added layer of physical security, Remote Control Dedicated Firewall is the perfect solution. It ensures you have full control over the devices and the type of data that is allowed to travel on your VPN.



Security Options

Standard Security of The Remote Group Data Security


The Standard security option is designed for customers whose target client base are typically internet users. The price of this security offering is included in the standard Remote Control fee.


Advanced Security of The Remote Group Data Security


The Advanced security option meets the needs of most organizations and offers a private office space for your staff. This is ideal when your staff are performing voice work or if your staff need a private environment.


Ultimate Protected of The Remote Group Data Security


The Ultimate security option is our most secure offering. It is designed for customers who work with highly sensitive information such as pre-release software, banking, credit
card or insurance information.


Security Options Compared

Physical Security of The Remote Group Data Security
PC Security, Physical Security, and Network Security of The Remote Group Data Security
Personnel Security & Training and Governance and Standards of The Remote Group Data Security


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