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The Remote Group Has Remote Sourcing and Remote Control under the same roof.

The Remote Group brings sourcing and offshoring solutions in one house.

We have Remote Sourcing and Remote Control under the same roof.

Remote Sourcing specializes in the recruitment of niche and technical roles in the insurance industry and is unparalleled in its reach with over 500 million candidates in its global database. They also offer end-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to help clients hire quality candidates.

Remote Control is our BPO division. They offer customized offshore staffing solutions to businesses from all parts of the world that help them save up to 70% of their usual employment costs. Remote Control caters to different time zones and to businesses of all sizes – whether clients need 1 seat or 1,000. 

Our services are specially designed to drive business growth, productivity, and profit by cost-efficiently upscaling remote teams.

It all began in 2020…

Global events caused workforce changes in a snap.

The problem: businesses wanted to switch to outsourcing their services, but most didn’t know where to start and what to look for. Searching for an outsourcing firm to partner with isn’t a piece of cake, especially for those who are beginners or have little to no background about outsourcing.

This is why The Remote Group was established – to be the solution that these businesses were looking for. Our customized, seamless, outsourcing solutions are meant to streamline the processes and further improve the efficiency of our clients’ businesses.

We provide exceptional support throughout the outsourcing process. From recruitment to onboarding, we make sure that your remote staff has full assistance and that they feel integrated into your onshore team.

Since our inception, we have been able to help numerous clients with their sourcing and offshoring needs – all for a fraction of the cost and without sacrificing the quality of the work.


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