The bright future of photonic technology

Remember when computer processors were almost as big as a room? Now, those same computer processors can fit into your pockets. That’s the power of photonic technology.

The fast-growing industry is forecasted to grow up to a whopping $750 billion by 2028 with a CGAR of 7%. 

As a Key Enabling Technology, photonics serves as an ignition for several technologies that improve our way of living. Some of the most notable ones are fiber optic telecommunications – such as the high-speed internet connection we enjoy, and laser printing which is capable of producing a high volume of prints in a more economical way.

Photonics will light the way

Enabling almost every modern technology we have, it’s not surprising that photonics is geared for unstoppable growth.

Photonics is more relevant than ever in today’s fast-paced digital world. Its possibilities hold a promising future in keeping up with the performance needed across different technologies and the increasing digitization of society.

Used in sensors, security, aeronautics, medical innovations, industrial applications, and more, photonics can be seen as the factor to revolutionize these existing technologies further. Following recent trends, it also drives huge improvements in the AI space and in making self-driving cars widely available through LiDAR.

This doesn’t only open prospects for human advancement but also presents new opportunities in science and technology-related careers.

Industry challenges

Photonic products are complex and equally costly to produce. With such an expensive capital expenditure, startups in this space find it challenging to sustain and scale their business.

Jobs in the industry are in demand. However, due to the high technicality of the roles and the expertise needed, businesses often find it difficult to hire and fill in positions. The competition for talents in this sector has gone global and businesses are resorting to outsourcing staff as a solution.

Let The Remote Group illuminate your business

Considering the high cost needed to produce photonic products, companies focused on photonics can save on other expenses, such as staffing.

Having access to a global talent pool, The Remote Group helps photonic businesses source and hire industry experts. Have your own remote team equipped with competitive performance, meeting aggressive revenue goals, and driving up customer satisfaction.

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