Outsourcing in the philippines

TRG Philippine Map

Why the Philippines and the cost of Outsourcing here!

The Philippines ranks 9th out of 50 countries on Kearney’s Global Services Location Index (GSLI) – a ranking index that helps businesses choose where to locate their outsourcing operations. Outsourcing in the Philippines also helps businesses save up to a whopping 70% of labor costs.

With a wide pool of talents across all industries, you can expect to find experts that match your needs.

As one of the primary languages in the country, Filipinos are generally fluent in English. With this, you can be sure that language won’t be a barrier.

Businesses choose to outsource in the Philippines because of the low cost that doesn’t compromise the quality of the work.

The BPO industry is regarded as one of the largest contributors to the country’s economy, in turn, the government supports the sector through different initiatives and incentives.

Western cultural influences aren’t only seen in traditions but also in the general Filipino lifestyle. Having well-matched cultures allows your remote team to easily integrate into your business.

Hear the reasons straight from our CEO, Adam Piper!