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Running an eCommerce business requires the capacity to adapt to the ever-changing trends and customer needs swiftly. Having the edge to outshine your thousands of competitors entails a great deal of work involving diverse expertise touching on multiple aspects of a business.

Developing a creative strategy to cope with the demands of this fast-paced industry is vital. Every step of the process is costly – selecting which niche or products to target, establishing your brand, choosing which platform to use, and setting up operations.

Outsourcing eCommerce services is one cost-effective approach businesses implement to stay competitive and agile. The Remote Group connects eCommerce businesses with industry specialists focusing on areas of web and mobile app development, customer service, Shopify and Amazon expertise, inventory and supply chain management, market research, and more.

eCommerce Services

A major key in the online shopping experience of a customer is the seamless use of a business website or mobile app. Our exceptional web and mobile app developers create user-friendly sites, as well as revamp and maintain existing platforms to help customers shop without a hitch.

Your customer service representatives are front liners that play a big part in the overall customer satisfaction of your business. The Remote Group CSRs are experts in providing a positive customer experience by strategically handling complaints, returns, exchanges, refunds, and other queries that customers might have.

Even if you have the most innovative, life-changing products ever produced, these would be difficult to turn into profit without the strategic flair of a marketing specialist. Our eCommerce marketing specialists take care of enhancing your social media presence, building website content, creating SEO-centric copy for your products, conducting market research, and developing strategies that drive sales.

As two of the most widely used platforms in eCommerce, Amazon, and Shopify experts have also become prevalent. Knowing the ins and outs of these platforms, our virtual assistants exhibit their proficiency in online store management, admin tasks, product listing, and other ad hoc responsibilities clients assign them.

Managing stocks is a challenging task, especially if they’re spread out to warehouses in different parts of the world. Fortunately, our inventory and supply chain experts have the know-how in resolving stock discrepancies, supervising multiple locations, and doing accurate recordkeeping to avoid floating stocks.

Reshaping the eCommerce experience

Why businesses outsource eCommerce services with The Remote Group

Work with game changers

Through our extensive talent pool, we connect clients with innovators, trailblazers, and the best there is in their field.

Amplify your cost savings

Outsourcing eCommerce services allow clients to save up to 70% on overhead and employment costs while maintaining the quality of work.

Upscale and ramp up

The increased agility outsourcing provides helps businesses scale seamlessly, supporting them in growing their business every step of the way.

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