Outsource Real Estate Services

The key to your real estate success

The Remote Group’s outsourcing services help real estate businesses worldwide stay competitive by implementing innovative and digital solutions while reducing operational costs.  

Our real estate experts and professionals make your business more resilient by helping you become more agile so you can quickly adapt to new opportunities and push against market decline and economic downturn.

What The Remote Group
can do for you

Here’s what hiring a remote team of real estate experts can bring to your business.

Increase Business Productivity

We help you with paperwork, contracts, updating records, sending emails, and follow-ups.

Save Time on Hiring & Training

Our recruitment team will comb through talented real estate experts and find you the best people suited for your needs.

Create more work-life balance

We will take care of your time consuming non client facing tasks, while you generate more time for you to indulge.

Boost brand awareness

Count on our marketing experts to bring your real estate business to the forefront of the industry.

Becoming the best for you

Through our experience and expertise, we continuously develop and enhance the skills your remote staff needs to succeed in their role, and we work on integrating them successfully into your onshore team. In this way, they become valued contributors to the overall growth of your business.

Real Estate roles and services

Mortgage Broking and Loans

Gathering client information, data, and needed requirements to qualify for a loan.

Property Management

Create, monitor, and maintain your listings. Keep a record of property schedules to fill in vacancies and handle maintenance requests from tenants or guests.


Managing your social media presence and website content to boost your real estate business.

ADmin Support

Appointment setting, responding to live chat and email inquiries and conducting property research.


Our experts make your day-to-day more productive by taking on routine and essential tasks that makes your process swifter without compromising the work quality. Grow your remote team and upscale your business for a fraction of the cost through The Remote Group’s Outsourcing Services.