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One of the foundations of every business is the Talent Acquisition Department. Having established its name with years of notable experience in the field, we pride ourselves on our Recruitment team. Starting from sourcing to onboarding, its core pillar is helping not only the clients to fill in their hiring needs and take their business to the map, but also extending opportunities to Filipinos who are as qualified and skilled as any other talents you have onshore.

Our people, our power

We do not compromise the quality of our hires and only serve you the best there is. The Remote Group are not only equipped with the most advanced tools but are heavily armed with drive, passion, and grit to deliver an exemplary service. We are proactive, and we are always ahead of the game!


Mandated Benefits & Work-Life Balance

Social Security System

Phil Health


13th Month Pay

Solo Parent Leave

TRG Fridays

TRG Movie Night

Additional Leave Days

Team Building

Quarterly Family Day

Awesome Employee Perks

HMO after 30 days

Free Weekly Lunch

Insta Cash Salary Loan

Welcome TRGoodie Bag

10kg Free Rice

Quarterly TRGoodie Bag

Sign-up Bonus

Referral Bonus

Shuttle Service

TRG Reward Shop

Employee Career Development

Annual Compliance Test

Retirement Benefits

TRG Outreach Program

TRG Health

Milestone Tokens

Attendance Rewards

Employee Awards

Training Program

Promotion Opportunities

Speakers Evening

The Remote Group make sure that everyone feels comfortable and supported. We do not tolerate any type of discrimination or power tripping, and take the welfare of our employees as a top priority. We believe that one must feel belonged and at home to maximize their full potential and be fully effective in their career pursuits.

Apart from this, we also make sure that our employees have a work/life balance to avoid experiencing work fatigue or burnout. One of the ways we do this is by hosting a couple of activities as part of our Employee Retention Program. This includes Virtual Team Lunch that happens every last Friday of every month and our Weekly Iced Cold Drinks Friday! We also hold an Employee of the Month activity to recognize and honor our most valued employees for the month to appreciate their efforts and hard work.

Our Live Jobs

Digital Product Manager
We are open to hiring fresh out of the university aspirants who want to take on the world of recruitment. Our sourcing and talent acquisition experts will be honing your skills and guiding you through the discipline to make the best recruiter out of you! All you need is the following:
Marketing Manager
Administrative Support
Recruitment Consultant

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