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Frequently Asked Questions

Industries & Roles

As long as it can be done remotely, the possibilities of offshoring are endless. From Business Support Admin (EA’s, Appointment Setters), Accounting, Digital Marketing (Graphic Designers, Motion Graphic Artists), IT Programmers and App Developers. Click here for services.
The time it takes to build a team varies depending on each client’s requirements. A team can be up and running in as little as 7–10 days, the standard timeline is 14-30 days. 

I.T. Network Infrastructure

Bound by Philippine laws, we strictly enforce the Data Privacy Act (DPA), which is closely patterned after the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We work at the level of security that you require. Our IT team can discuss and agree with your required set-up. Our premises are entirely CCTV covered. The data is on your system, not ours. We place high importance on data security. No staff can print any documentation without the client’s or The Remote Group management’s approval.

Our facility is equipped with top of the line broadband connections and redundancies across multiple service providers. We also have a backup generator in case of power interruptions, with all computer equipment supported by UPS units.
We enforce our IT security through TERAMIND – it’s a software used for employee monitoring, data loss prevention, insider threat detection, workplace productivity, and compliance and audit.

Our Services

You will manage the day-to-day work of your remote staff. We manage HR, Payroll Facilities, and IT services, so you won’t have to.

Our office environment is fully equipped with meeting, training, and conferencing rooms for you to conduct on-site and online training for your team members.

Your staff will be stationed here at our office. Our clients have several options such as partitioned desks, open desks, exclusive business suites, or Work from Home (WFH).

Terms & Pricing

We believe in our services so there is no fixed-term contract. We are not here for short term success, we are here to establish consistent and long-term growth. However, if you wish to end your operations with us, according to the terms of our agreement, a 30-day notice must be given to allow the staff enough time to look for other opportunities.

Once your account is settled upon disengagement, the 1-month security deposit will be 100% refunded.

Our services can be tailor-fitted to fit your budget. Overall, we help businesses save up to 70% of employment costs.


Grow your remote team and upscale your business for a fraction of the cost through The Remote Group’s outsourcing services. 


Build your remote team.

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