Tools You Need to Succeed as a Virtual Assistant in 2024

Virtual Assistant

From 2022 to 2027, the virtual assistant industry is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of by USD 26.95 billion, or 37.29% per year. There are many factors influencing the market growth, including the need for a greater customer service and benefits provided to customers.

Being a Virtual Assistant means taking on challenging tasks daily. As a VA, bringing on your A game all the time is a must. You’re also constantly required to be flexible to accomplish what is asked of you.

With so many tools on the market, deciding which one to utilize is crucial for keeping businesses ahead of the competition. To make your job easier, we’ve gathered a collection of virtual assistant software applications covering project management, communication, and social media management.

This article will not only provide you with a data-driven list but also comprehensive reviews to assist you make an informed decision and get better results.


Figuring out what to prioritize, tracking progress, and checking timelines are just a few features of Project Management Tools. Having to multitask every day, project management tools are essential for virtual assistants.


Asana is big on collaboration. You can add different sections for each project, and you can assign tasks to members as needed.


Team members can also see which projects are dependent on each other and which ones are overlapping. Recurring projects can also be scheduled individually or through the team’s centralized calendar. This helps the team figure out who’s taking on too much work and how they can help take things off each other’s plate.


Since it has a more collaborative UI/UX, it’s more recommended for VAs who work in a team and not so much for freelancers.


Keep projects organized through boards, cards, and lists. Trello’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and makes it one of the most widely used project management tools.


Its third-party integrations allow for seamless access to databases, tools, and other features.


Tasks are also seamlessly delegated, rotated, and may be shifted to other team members. Users say they appreciate the flexibility and ease in managing teams.

Zoho Projects

Aside from collaborating and task-tracking, Zoho Projects also allows tracing bugs and generating intuitive reports. Through Gantt charts, it’s easier to manage multiple projects all at the same time. Access to timesheets and reports is also a click away.


Zoho Projects has internal communication tools for easier connectivity among users. Team members can use the real-time chat feature or forum pages.


Document sharing on the platform is another plus that users commend the project management tool for.

Best VA Communication Tools

Working remotely, miles away from your client should not be a hindrance to your communication. Being accessible during working hours is a must for virtual assistants. Keeping lines open and having uninterrupted communication is essential – fortunately, there are tools just for that.

Microsoft Teams

The best thing about Teams is its integration with Microsoft 365. Users can easily share files saved on their OneDrive on the platform. It also includes individual channels for different projects for easier tracking.


Aside from instant messaging, video calls and conferences are also allowed on the platform. Its all-in-one centralized feature makes it the best choice for organizations that are on Microsoft 365.


A classic and trusted communication tool, Skype is a popular choice across businesses. 


Users can make audio calls to people from all parts of the world and their video conferencing tool allows up to 250 people. File and screen sharing, call recording, and live subtitles are just a few features that users rave about. It’s useful for virtual assistants who need to take down minutes of the meeting.


Slack is designed to be an alternative to emails. Users receive real-time updates whenever, wherever through its instant messaging feature.


Tracking discussions is hassle-free thanks to dedicated channels entailing specific projects or topics. Unlike other communication software, Slack allows message scheduling and huddle chats


Tools that people use may also be integrated with the platform.

Best VA Social Media Management

For VAs who specialize in social media management, it’s essential to have a tool that helps with planning and scheduling. These tools won’t only help you organize your content, but they will also give you insights that can help in content creation.


With more than 9 social media integrations and an option to add customized channels, Loomly allows seamless content planning.


Users can upload generic, similar content across all channels or fine-tune each content to suit audiences. VAs who handle multiple social media accounts love that they can create individual calendars for easier tracking.


It also provides insights about copy, date and time, formatting, and images.


Find the perfect time to schedule posts with the help of Hootsuite. It analyzes your best-performing posts and provides insights to help you produce content that works.


VAs can also keep on trend by monitoring hashtags, mentions, and keywords through their dashboard. It’s also easier to create more engagement with the simplicity of their inbox feature that lets users reply to comments instantly.


The most helpful feature of Hootsuite that VAs attest to is its resources on social media management.

Post Planner

Having pricing plans that start at $3/month, Post Planner is one of the most cost-efficient social media management tools out there.


Users can curate content months in advance. With its evergreen post recycling feature, creators can re-publish evergreen content automatically.


Content insight and statistics are easily accessible. Post Planner also lets you track your engagement per post and lets you sort posts by performance. With these statistics, users can reuse top-performing content and create posts based on previous metrics.

Benefits of Using Virtual Assistant Software Tools

Businesses may use Virtual Assistants to optimize their customer support operations and quickly scale up to meet rising demand without the need for more staff or training.
  • Improved Data Management

    Gain insights into client preferences and behaviors to guide corporate goals and enhance service offerings.

  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity

    Allows staff to prioritize strategic activities, leading to increased productivity.

  • Quick Response Time

    When using software, you may work quickly. Task completion times improve. Client satisfaction increases with faster response times.

  • Improve Organization

    Using software tools leads to increased productivity and efficiency. Time monitoring allows you to better plan and manage your efforts.

  • Scalability

    Software may help startups increase their operations fast and easily. These tools can be used to automate processes that are usually done by full-time staff.

Virtual Assistants

Wrapping it up

Virtual Assistants are versatile and can take on just about any task clients put them up to. These productivity tools improve their process and make them more efficient. You can count on your VAs to increase your overall business productivity and smoothen out your process.

The Remote Group has top-notch Virtual Assistants trained to be your partner on the road to success. Get in touch with our outsourcing experts today and find out how we can help your business.

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