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Digital Marketing Specialists
Organizations are in search of digital marketing experts with the ability to create, implement, and manage online campaigns across various channels, including organic search, paid search, display advertising, email, and social media. Moreover, contemporary skills such as content marketing, digital public relations, and influencer marketing have become fundamental for a digital marketing specialist.

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What Services Can You Outsource, Including Digital Marketing Specialists?

Outsource Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Manage and Maintain Websites

    Managing and maintaining websites for the organization is a key factor in disseminating content and maximize marketing efforts. Digital marketing specialists need to have vast knowledge of the company’s content management system to execute technical website optimizations.

  • Develop and Implement Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Digital marketing specialists strategize and execute digital campaigns across channels like organic search, paid advertising, email, and social media to boost awareness of the company, brand, and offerings.

  • Creating Ad Copies and Creating Content

    Creating effective ad copies and compelling content is pivotal for online marketing endeavors. This includes creating guest posts for Digital PR campaigns and generating articles and resources to boost organic search visibility.

  • Design Visual Elements for Digital Campaigns

    Some digital marketing specialists collaborate with graphic designers for visual assets, but many handle this task independently to create assets for display ads, email campaigns, and infographics.

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What Should You Look for in a Digital Marketing Specialist?

Search Engine Optimization

An in-depth understanding of SEO is one thing you should look out for in order to create and effortlessly oversee organic search campaigns.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Generating profitable PPC campaigns across various ad networks, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and paid social advertising, is a top skill in paid media strategies and optimization techniques.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Employing CRO is a way to improve marketing funnels and elevate landing page conversion rates, a critical skill for optimizing campaign performance and ensuring overall profitability.

Data Analysis

Data analytics are used to assess, analyze, and report on campaign effectiveness. Proficiency in analytics is essential for gaining precise insights and making marketing decisions based on data.

Email Marketing

Digital marketers create email marketing campaigns and complement them by composing newsletters and lead-generating emails that engage potential customers until they are ready to make a purchase.

Social Media Marketing

Growing a genuine following and establishing relationships, especially on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are crucial forces to drive engagement and reach.

Digital PR

Digital PR is an area that specializes in backlink generation, press releases, and guest posting to initiate brand awareness.

Key Skills and Considerations

Outsourcing Digital Marketing Specialist
The Remote Group recognizes the importance of outsourcing digital marketing specialists who excel in creating, implementing, and managing online campaigns across various channels. These specialists handle tasks such as strategizing and executing campaigns, creating ad copies and content, designing visual elements, and managing websites. Key skills to look for include SEO, PPC, CRO, data analysis, email marketing, social media marketing, and digital PR. These skills are crucial for optimizing campaign performance and ensuring profitability.
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