Hotels and accommodation providers all strive to provide a 5-star experience, no matter how big or small they are. After all, this is key to winning over new guests and building loyalty among previous patrons.

It’s difficult to choose the right place to settle in when guests are in unfamiliar places. Your staff may be covering too much already during their shift and may not be able to assist everyone properly, resulting in negative reviews and unsatisfied guests. This is where our services come in.

The Remote Group is your outsourcing partner for hotel and accommodation services that span across bookings and reservations, payment processing, property management, customer service support, and more.

Outsource Hotel & Accommodation


Create, design, build, deploy, and maintain a new or existing system through the services and roles we offer. You will have your own dedicated remote team of developers with core capabilities in:


Keeping a clean record of financial transactions is a must for the hotel and accommodation industry. Our Accounting and Bookkeeping staff make sure your records are up-to-date, accurate, and clean. They know their work is crucial to determining the company’s trajectory, so they remain eagle-eyed, analytical, and detail-oriented.


Rental properties on the listing platform Airbnb need to be optimized to drive profitability. That’s where our Airbnb specialists come in. They manage listings, update property availability, respond to inquiries and concerns, and assure the listings are highly visible and attractive by keeping property descriptions and photos updated.

Aside from that, Airbnb specialists also use market data to optimize property listings and improve their ranking on the platform and search engines.


Your guests come from different parts of the world, so providing support in their language is a plus for them. Our Bilingual Support caters to guests of diverse nationalities; being well-versed in their language and having a background in their culture enables them to communicate effectively, which in turn builds trust and loyalty with patrons.


Being in a crucial customer-facing role, our Booking and Reservation agents possess exceptional communication skills and the ability to multitask efficiently. Booking and Reservation agents assist guests with queries, requests, complaints, or modifications to their arrangements.

They may be in a voice or non-voice role, providing support through phone calls, emails, or live chat. Coordinating with service providers and other vendors also falls under their tasks, as well as keeping a record of interactions and reservations.

Customer Service Representatives

Guest satisfaction is priority number one for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). They aren’t only the frontliners guests rely on for concerns and requests; they are also the people responsible for maintaining records and verifying bookings.

CSRs are also instrumental in upselling hotel or accommodation amenities that enhance the overall guest experience.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Heighten your visibility and brand authority with our Digital Marketing specialists. They take care of building your community, creating content, moderating reviews, and showcasing your hotel or property through eye-catching visuals.

Payment Processors

When it comes to any financial transaction of a hotel or accommodation, you can trust Payment Processors to handle it all. They manage everything from verifying card details to payment authorizations, reconciliations, refunds, and overpayments.

It’s also their job to ensure strict confidentiality of all financial data collected to protect guest information.

Property Manager

Virtually overseeing the day-to-day operations of rental or commercial properties is the main responsibility of a Property Manager. Property owners can count on them to screen and verify tenant and guest information, collect payments, handle concerns, tend to maintenance requests, and keep the financial records of the property.

Our property managers have great interpersonal communication skills, pay attention to detail, and are effective in problem-solving even if they’re miles away.


Hoteliers are looking to enhance the guest experience more and more. With the rising number of competitors in this industry, making bold and innovative changes is a must to stay ahead of the game.

Make sure your brand is the provider of choice for millions of guests by eliminating the hassle in bookings and payments, creating more customer-tailored experiences, and ensuring satisfaction throughout their stay.

Outsourcing helps achieve this through high-quality staff and services that support your people on-site. They are hands-on with customer service, streamlining processes, and taking care of everything on the back end to ensure your frontliners have full focus on providing an exceptional guest experience.


Highly experienced hospitality professionals

Improve business scalability and agility

Reduce employment and overhead costs

Seamless back end and frontline operations


Our hotel and accommodation specialists are skilled and experienced in using the following platforms and tools:

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