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Outsource Software QA

Maintaining quality through different testing processes can be difficult and time-consuming for companies, especially if they lack the necessary resources to support their efforts. The cost of employing a QA specialist is divided into multiple components, including recruiting costs, base compensation, employment taxes, employee benefits, and office space and equipment.

Today, 92% of G2000 firms outsource IT operations because they discovered that outsourcing is an essential asset that allows them to allocate more time to company growth and operational core tasks while saving more cost.

At The Remote Group, we guarantee to improve and accelerate your business growth. Our skilled QA teams consistently plan, design, test, and implement solutions to provide high-quality software services.

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Our Software Testing and QA Services

  • Defect management

    Defect management is a systematic procedure for identifying and resolving defects. It is a continuous process that runs throughout the development lifecycle to ensure that the software corresponds to good quality and satisfies the user's needs.

  • Manual Testing

    Manual testing is a method of evaluating software without using automated testing tools. It focuses solely on the software’s functioning and features. QA interacts with the program like an end user would, allowing testers to detect real issues and errors that a user may encounter. Manual testing also includes running software via a series of predefined test scenarios.

  • Test Automation

    Automated testing involves using software tools to accomplish activities that people ordinarily conduct while reviewing and testing software. Most software projects, particularly agile and DevOps projects, use automated testing from start to end. This improves comprehension, allowing for faster and more efficient testing.

  • Regression Testing

    Regression testing examines whether code changes, updates, optimizations, or software enhancements are stable and reliable. This testing approach re-runs non-functional and functional tests to ensure a software application works properly.

  • API Testing

    Application Programming Interface (API) testing is a software test that analyzes and focuses on specific API methods and their interfaces with other APIs. This testing ensures the API provides the required functionality, security, performance, and dependability.

  • Quality Control

    Quality control is essential in preparing web and mobile applications for the market. QA testing ensures that the product follows the proper methods and procedures before it is released to users. Companies may avoid errors and reduce risk by including software and quality assurance testing early in product development while maximizing the end-user experience.

  • Acceptance Testing

    Acceptance testing is software testing that determines if a system meets business demands and user needs. It is the final testing stage before a system is put into operation.

  • Security Testing

    Security testing determines if the software is subject to cyber assaults and assesses how malicious or unexpected inputs affect its functioning. It seeks to protect the program against hostile assaults, illegal access, and data breaches. Security testing demonstrates that systems and information are secure and dependable and do not accept illegal inputs.


  • Experienced and Trained QA Team

    QA outsourcing companies have a wealth of experience finding, interviewing, and integrating the best software QA engineers or specialists. You may gain access to specialized expertise from the world's best QA professionals while keeping expenses low for your company.

  • Fast and Efficient Quality Production

    Outsourcing allows you to evaluate your firm from a new perspective, which can lead to increased operational efficiency. Outsourcing software quality assurance services gives your company access to knowledge you cannot have on in-house staff, allowing your company to develop quickly.

  • Cost-efficient and Predictable Expenses

    Offshore quality assurance outsourcing is a cost-effective alternative because it saves you money on staffing and training costs. Guaranteed to save a lot of money by adopting such outsourcing instead of recruiting additional employees in-house.

  • Focus on Core Tasks for Max Flexibility

    By outsourcing quality assurance, you can focus on what you do best while outsourcing tasks less vital to your firm. You can relax and concentrate on your essential company activities.

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Outsource Software Testing

The Remote Group‘s quality control specialists strongly understand software testing techniques and tools, ensuring the best quality software. Our team comprises experienced and trained QA specialists with vast expertise and awareness of quality assurance challenges. Clients trust our confidence in identifying and resolving complex software issues and providing complete reports on software system quality.

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