How Tech Talent Shortage Poses a Challenge to Digital Transformation

Tech Talent Shortage

The latest KPMG Global Tech Report 2022 interviewed over 2,200 tech leaders and nearly all have said that digital transformation contributed to the improvement of their performance and profitability over the last two years.

Global executives are also hungry to invest in emerging technologies to support the fast-paced digitization of products and services. According to the report, enhancing customer experience is the priority for digitization. Sadef Gavaz, the head of Digital Product at the UK Natural History Museum, says their aim for digital transformation is to become customer-centric and more data-driven in making business decisions. 

However, this appetite does not come without any challenges. This innovation is faced with the obstacle of a global skills shortage.

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The Talent Shortage

The global talent shortage is the top challenge businesses are trying to combat in order to seamlessly adopt innovation. Demand for talent has far surpassed the supply, especially in the I.T. and cybersecurity industries. The fields of data science engineering are also faced with this problem, plus the costly amount of bringing on new talent onboard.

58% of businesses feel that they are behind on their cybersecurity. Factors for their answer include key skills gaps and the struggle to find suitable talents for emerging technologies. Continuously evolving cybersecurity threats also make it difficult for teams to keep up with these challenges.

Lack of skills regarding new systems, insufficient data management, and companies that are hesitant to adopt brand-new technologies are the next factors that make it difficult to hire talent. 

How Outsourcing helps solve this crisis

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Thanks to outsourcing, a more extensive talent pool has become more accessible for businesses all over the world. Globally competitive candidates are within their reach, helping them fill in the roles needed to accelerate their business growth.

The Remote Group offers offshore outsourcing services to IT, cybersecurity, data science, and engineering sectors. We help clients find their ideal candidate, all for a fraction of the cost. Book a call with our expert to see how we can help grow your business.

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About The Remote Group

About The Remote Group

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