HealthCare Virtual Assistant

Leave it to The Remote Group’s Healthcare Virtual Assistants to take care of your appointment scheduling, medical transcription, patient follow-up, medical billing, patient communication, and other healthcare-related tasks. Healthcare providers continue to partner with The Remote Group due to their high-quality patient care services that help businesses reduce overhead costs.

Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency: The Skills and Duties of a Virtual Medical Scribe

As technology advances, so does the field of healthcare and medicine. But while doctors are given more opportunities to treat their patients more effectively than ever before, they are also faced with another problem—a tremendous amount of workload. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) bring a wealth of data, such as patient information and their individual treatment … Read more

Why hire a Healthcare Virtual Assistant from the Philippines?

Filipino healthcare professionals are highly regarded around the world. The 310,000 nurses working abroad are living proof of that. Employers prefer Filipinos over other nationalities, even when looking for healthcare virtual assistants (HVAs). Knowing the benefits that a healthcare virtual assistant brings to a business, it’s no wonder why more medical practices are considering hiring … Read more

Hiring a Virtual Medical Assistant: Everything you need to know

What pain points are you experiencing in your medical practice? A virtual medical assistant (VMA) might just be the remedy your facility needs.  Have you heard of or encountered a virtual medical assistant? Thanks to technology, people can now work remotely while providing support to medical practices. In fact, the healthcare business process outsourcing industry … Read more

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