How Live Chat Support benefits your business

Live Chat Support Why your Website needs it

Businesses thrive on customer service. It defines the success of their customer loyalty and acquisition. Through technology, brands have enhanced their customer experience by deploying different techniques such as personalized newsletters and live chat support on their website.

Frequently, customers prefer live chat support in addressing their concerns and issues. Based on statistics, live chat drives a 73% satisfaction rating and is also known to improve customer retention. With that, it just makes sense to have one set up on your own page.


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Calling over the phone to talk to a customer service representative may take a while. From selecting which department your concern is for to being put on hold and taking too long to connect to an agent, it’s understandable why some customers may become irate.

The prompt response to queries makes live chat support a more viable option for customers with urgent concerns. Depending on the software used, most messages may be stored for future reference. This makes it easier for the customer and the support agent to refer back to previous transactions for a quick resolution.


Around 83% of customers need support when conducting online transactions. Having live chat support on your website helps encourage customers to purchase from your site instead of your competitors’.

Aside from answering queries, your agents can also discuss more about the products that customers are interested in. Some of the things they tackle are product dimensions, sizes, features, and availability.

Customer experience is also enhanced through live chat. 77% of online shoppers want to talk to a live person to quickly get the answers to their questions before completing a purchase.

With these statistics, it’s no question that having a live chat support feature will increase sales for your business.


Live chat increases overall satisfaction and helps in retaining customers. On the contrary, over 89% of customers say they stopped engaging with brands after experiencing poor customer support.

Having a support agent who talks to customers in real-time builds trust and confidence in your brand. Making customers feel heard is a gateway to forming long-term relationships and loyalty.

Providing an optimized experience upfront creates an impression that lasts, making customers more likely to return. Loyal customers add value to your business that can’t be compared to any other number.

Ready to integrate live chat support?

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Having a live chat feature on your website puts you one step ahead of the game. Round-the-clock availability and personalization make a good formula for customer retention.

The Remote Group has highly trained live chat support agents that are quick on their feet and are able to thrive in fast-paced environments. Get in touch with our experts today to see how our live chat agents can add value to your business.

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About The Remote Group

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