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First impressions last. Your resume is the first thing recruiters screen (and judge!), which is why having one that’s clear and concise is a must for job seekers these days.

Let’s face it though, there is no one standard for what we call a “perfect resume,” but there are things you can do to stand out and showcase your skills in ways that satisfy both the traditional and creative aspects of the workforce.

Make your resume recruiter-ready with these dos and don’ts!


  • 1. Tailor your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

    Optimizing your resume helps its visibility on ATS tools. This means that more recruiters or hiring managers have a higher chance of reaching you. Having the right contextual keywords boosts your chances of having the automated system read your resume and pass you as a qualified candidate.

  • 2. Only include your relevant experiences

    Yes, you may have 10 years of professional experience under your belt, but do they all apply to the position you’re aiming for Modifying the experiences you’ll include in your resume are a must. It doesn’t only make you look good, but it’s also easier on the recruiter’s part to see if you’ll be a great fit for the role. Formatting your resume in this way doesn’t need to be in chronological order, rather it’s better to have it categorized by skill.

  • 3. Use data, figures, and concrete examples

    Most people typically input their experiences and accomplishments in a broad and general sense. That’s okay, but it would look better if these experiences were supported by numbers or data. An example of this would be “increased revenue by 60% through marketing efforts,” or whatever applicable data there is related to your role. This shows your capabilities and builds your credibility as well.


  • 1. Avoid overselling yourself

    While it’s true that challenging yourself includes learning something that’s not your expertise, it’s another thing when you include it in your resume. Putting down skills, accomplishments, and other feats that aren’t factual will put you in hot water in the long run. Be truthful about your experiences and be proud of your achievements.

  • 2. Keep the confidential stuff confidential

    Oversharing about personal stuff that doesn’t contribute to your qualifications is a common mistake among applicants. Listing down too many hobbies, recreational clubs, and other things not related to the job you’re applying for wouldn’t look too good. You can share those things during your interview and relate them to a work skill. For example, if you like joining sports tournaments, you could say you’re highly competitive and disciplined.

  • 3. Don’t copy the exact job description

    Yes, you’ll want the ATS to be able to read your resume and deem you as a qualified candidate, but that shouldn’t mean that you should copy the posted job description word-for-word. A better thing to do would be to paraphrase or look for related words that are closely related to that role.

Wrapping it up

These few steps will get you started in revamping your resume. Injecting some of the elements mentioned above will surely help your resume reach recruiters and will increase your chances of getting a call.

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