Should Friday the 13th Affect Your Outsourcing Decisions?

Should Friday the 13th Affect Your Outsourcing Decisions
When it comes to outsourcing, some businesses might be wary of making major decisions on a day as infamous as Friday the 13th. But is this superstition justified, or is it time to debunk the myths and embrace outsourcing as a strategic move regardless of the date?

Friday the 13th’s Unfortunate Reputation

People from different cultures believe in bad luck and numerous superstitions during Friday the 13th.

Their beliefs go as far as avoiding significant decisions, travelling, and some even choose not to work on this “ill-fated day.” This long-held superstition may make an interesting topic of conversation, but should it really influence something as important as outsourcing decisions?

Outsourcing: A Strategic Business Move

Outsourcing Business Strategic
Almost all companies, from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses, use outsourcing as a business strategy. The undeniable benefits it offers are unparalleled. From cost savings, access to global talent, and the ability to focus on core competencies, it’s not surprising that many choose to go this route.

Debunking the Myths

  • 1. Bad Luck Doesn't Depend on Calendars

    Superstitions often revolve around specific dates, but bad luck is not confined to a calendar. Outsourcing decisions should be based on thorough research, due diligence, and alignment with business goals, not on superstitions.

  • 2. Success Knows No Superstitions

    Many successful businesses have made critical decisions on Fridays the 13th and thrived. It's a testament to the fact that success is a product of careful planning, execution, and a well-thought-out strategy.

  • 3. Smart Outsourcing is Strategic

    The success of outsourcing lies in finding the right partner and ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship. It's about aligning your business objectives with the capabilities of your outsourcing partner, regardless of the date on the calendar.

Tips for Successful Outsourcing

  • 1. Thorough Research:

    It’s easy to make claims about what an outsourcing firm can do, but it’s actually difficult to prove it. When evaluating potential partners, always check their track record and case studies, if available. Also, take note of their expertise and ask questions on how they can meet your specific needs.

  • 2. Clear Communication:

    From the very first day of your partnership, it’s crucial to determine which communication channels will work best for you. Doing this sets transparency for both parties.

  • 3. Strategic Planning:

    Develop a well-defined outsourcing strategy that aligns with your business objectives and long-term goals.

  • 4. Continuous Evaluation:

    Regularly assess the performance and impact of your outsourcing initiatives to make necessary adjustments and improvements.

Don’t Let Friday the 13th Hinder Your Decisions

Outsourcing Business Decision

Business decisions should be grounded in rationality, data, and strategic thinking. While superstitions like Friday the 13th may add a touch of intrigue to our lives, they should not deter us from making informed and beneficial decisions. When it comes to outsourcing, focus on the merits of the partnership and the alignment with your business objectives. After all, success in outsourcing is driven by strategy, not superstition.

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About The Remote Group

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