The 8 Best Social Media Management Software in 2023

Social Media Management Tools

What’s the first app you check as soon as you open your eyes? We’re betting it’s a social media app. As something ingrained in our daily lives, social media is no longer just a virtual playground; it has also evolved into an important aspect of a business strategy, leading to the development of social media management tools.

With 4.76 billion active social media users worldwide, it shouldn’t be surprising that a whopping 93.79% of businesses use social media to market their goods and services. Being on one platform isn’t enough anymore. Businesses are utilizing all channels where they can attract audiences with the hopes of converting them into customers.

With so many social media platforms to manage, it can be challenging for businesses to decide which content they’re posting on a social media platform, when to post it, and how to track its performance. This is where social media management tools come in handy. In this blog, we will discuss the top 8 social media management tools for businesses and how they can help you maximize your platforms.


Handling multiple social media accounts at the same time is a head-spinning responsibility. Aside from figuring out which content is best for which platform, it’s also tricky to determine the best time to post it for maximum engagement.

Don’t worry though, with the help of these social media management tools, you’ll be killing it in no time.


Why it’s popular: Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools available. It allows businesses to manage their social media accounts from one central location and supports over 35 social media platforms. With Hootsuite, businesses can schedule posts, monitor mentions and keywords, and track their social media performance.

Recently, they’ve also launched their own AI, OwlyWriter, making it possible for users to write captions and repurpose their best content in an instant.

Pricing: Hootsuite offers a range of pricing options to suit different budgets and needs. The most basic plan starts at $99/month, while the more advanced tools are available for $739/month. Hootsuite also provides a customized plan tailored to subscribers who require a more personalized social media management solution. Additionally, there is a 30-day free trial option for users who are still on the fence about subscribing.



Why it’s popular: Buffer’s analytics tool is a key feature that makes it a favorite among social media marketers. This tool allows users to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, their Google Business Profile, and more. Aside from scheduling posts and tracking their social media performance, Buffer also provides data that helps users analyze their audience engagement.

Like Hootsuite, Buffer also has an AI assistant that makes it easier for subscribers to generate content and grow their engagement across multiple platforms.

Pricing: A bit on the cheaper side, Buffer has a free plan that provides limited tools, while their most expensive plan costs $120/month and includes their full suite of tools such as engagement, analytics, and collaboration trackers.



Why it’s popular: Offering more than social media management, Sprout Social is preferred by users who also take care of customer care and analytics. They provide analytics and intelligence that help subscribers create data-based content for better organic performance.

It supports around 10 social networking platforms, with options for additional integrations.

Pricing: Sprout Social has four pricing plans: Standard, Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise. The plans range from $249/month to $499/month, and a customized plan is also available to meet a user’s needs.



Why it’s popular: If ROI is a priority for social media managers, then Agorapulse is the perfect tool to use. It is great for managing, monitoring, and messaging with its built-in inbox that allows subscribers to reply to comments and messages from the platform itself. Another favorite feature is the ability to monitor mentions and keywords on pages.

Pricing: Their prices are a bit more affordable than other tools, with the Standard plan starting at $69/month, the Professional plan at $99/month, and the Advanced plan at $149/month. Like most tools, Agorapulse also offers a custom plan that’s tailored to each client’s needs. A free 30-day trial is also an option for those who are not fully decided yet.



Why it’s popular: This tool gives an overview not just of social media content but of the whole marketing calendar. Users can schedule posts, share their ideas, assign tasks, and review the progress of each team member.

Subscribers can also launch social campaigns with this tool and analyze the results through their dashboards.

Pricing: CoSchedule’s appeal is its price point. Users get to enjoy the marketing calendar for free with limited features, while their Pro plan is just $29/month.



Why it’s popular: Loomly’s user-friendly interface has made it a favorite among social media experts. Through this platform, users can schedule content postings, build their own content library, view mockups before publishing, and optimize based on the platform’s recommendations.

Pricing: Loomly is widely considered affordable, with plans ranging from $35/month to $359/month. Savings are also bigger for annual subscriptions. For big companies, Loomly also offers an Enterprise plan to cater to each client’s tailored needs.



Why it’s popular: Sendible’s collaborative environment is why it’s preferred by over 30,000 marketers. Users can do direct scheduling, gain insights for content ideas, review reports and trends, and respond to audiences directly from the platform.

Pricing: As a wallet-friendly social media management tool, Sendible’s pricing plans range from $29/month for the Standard Plan to $199/month for the Premium Plan.



Why it’s popular: A tool veering more toward visual content, Later gives its users the ability to plan their social media feeds aesthetically. They also have the usual tools, such as scheduling, an idea generator, and a built-in editor, to help users streamline their social media workflow and save time on content creation and posting.

In addition, Later also has a Caption Writer that helps subscribers generate on-trend captions quicker.

Pricing: One of the cheapest social media management tools, Later’s Starter Plan only costs $18/month, while their Advanced Plan is $80/month. They also offer a 14-day free trial for those who are still exploring their options.



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Now that you’ve rounded up the best social media management tools, it’s time to find a competent social media manager to take care of that for you. The Remote Group offers social media management services that help businesses increase their online presence and leave a stronger digital footprint.

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