Addressing Supply Chain Issues with Effective Solutions

Supply Chain Problems

Big global players such as Nike and Kellogg’s faced supply chain disruptions during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last 2020. With the world coming to a halt, the production and distribution of goods and supplies also slowed down, resulting in lower profit margins.

This event revealed the importance of supply chain management. Never having occurred before, several companies came unprepared and faced a multitude of supply chain issues that prevented them from serving their customers on par with their standards.

The Remote Group took on these challenges to add value and bring transformational growth strategies to the supply chain industry. As a result, organizations learned how to embrace risk management planning applications in their supply chain to ensure seamless end-to-end production and distribution.

Here are three nitty-gritty details companies missed that resulted in these shortcomings.

Supply chain issues



Instead of generating revenue, the delays and constraints brought about by poor supply planning can result in profit loss, wasted opportunities, and additional expenses for businesses. Without a proper understanding of consumer demands, companies might produce and distribute products with little to no market value.


Supply chain managers analyze forecasts to better understand consumer demands. These data-driven reports significantly aid in supply planning by predicting consumer behavior. Supporting the end-to-end supply chain process, our remote supply chain managers carefully monitor trends and anticipate issues to proactively provide solutions.


With a Supply Chain Manager from The Remote Group, one of our biggest clients in the industry achieved 7% business growth within 5 months. This improvement was facilitated by the effective utilization of trend forecasts to predict consumer demands and optimize supply planning.


inventory practices all contribute to poor warehouse management. As the safe house of a business’s stocks, revenue loss can occur through damaged stocks, missing SKUs, and expired products.


Working remotely isn’t a hindrance for supply chain managers when supervising a warehouse. Using a Warehouse Management System (WMS), our managers can accomplish an array of tasks. This includes remote inventory management, labor and workforce management, access to real-time information, and more.


By productively managing stocks and inventories, their company’s warehouse also saw increased capacity and storage. By ensuring that FIFO is well implemented, stocks are better prioritized, leaving more storage for new products.


Globalization also plays a big part in supply chain issues. Having to deal with several enterprises and suppliers in different geographies makes the process more complex. The necessity of permits, papers, and clearances may end up slowing down the supply chain process.


Our supply chain managers also specialize in taking care of international clearances. They help speed up the supply chain process by accomplishing everything needed for your customs clearance and regulatory compliance through their familiarization with rules, duties and obligations, and taxes.


Due to the expertise of our managers on the customs requirements and regulations, the duration for processing international clearances sped up from an average of 35 days to at least 21 days.

Solve your supply chain issues with The Remote Group

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About The Remote Group

About The Remote Group

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