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IT Tech Support

Now more than ever, businesses need undisrupted I.T. Tech support services for seamless transactions and consistent customer service. This makes I.T. the most outsourced service globally.

Those working in I.T. Tech Support know that the tools they use are their partners towards increased productivity and efficiency. Organizations can save up to 670 working hours annually through this advanced software.

Each tool provides a specific fix – problem resolution, ticketing systems, networking and infrastructure services, and a whole lot more. In this list, we’ve rounded up the best of the best software and how you as an I.T. Tech support can benefit from it.

1. Zoho Desk

A cloud-based solution from Zoho, this helpdesk software supports both the company’s customers and its employees. 

Zoho Desk has a straightforward dashboard that makes accessing, tracking, and assigning tickets easier. Users can also create a knowledge base to keep track of previous concerns and have it as one option for those who want to do self-service.

This is great for Zoho CRM users as you can sync your data with Zoho Desk. It’s also powered by an AI assistant, Zia, who can assist I.T. Tech support find solutions from your knowledge base and it can also chat with customers.

2. Bugzilla

Bugzilla is essential for those who specialize in programming or coding. This web-based tool tracks bugs and allows developers to test their apps or software before rolling it out.

Aside from bug-tracking, it has an arsenal of features such as a patch viewer, a request system, custom fields, custom workflow, and full Unicode support. 

Bugzilla also provides excellent security through Perl’s taint mode to prevent SQL Injection and they take information leaks seriously. They also run a “sanity check” that scans your database and creates reports based on the errors found.

3. VirtualBox

Making the work of I.T. Tech support easier, VirtualBox runs on any desktop and simulates the OS running on a computer.

Its user-friendly UI provides an easy overview of multiple operating systems that makes multitasking a breeze. VirtualBox also has the capability to support up to 32 virtual CPUs, enabling people to cater to numerous issues simultaneously.

Other than OS simulation, users can also conduct quality assurance, testing, and other demos. What’s good about this feature of VirtualBox is that everything is streamlined – users can simplify their testing on multiple OS platforms and versions.

4. Jira Service Desk

If it’s all about IT Service Management, Jira Service Desk has you covered. Their dashboard is easy on the eyes and has a simple interface, making it easy for every user to set projects and delegate tasks. Being an open platform, Jira Service Desk connects your team with a wide knowledge base for quicker problem resolution.

This tool also allows third-party integrations across different platforms for seamless data and issue tracking. 

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About The Remote Group

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