Why Outsourcing 3D Rendering Services makes sense

Why Outsourcing 3D Rendering Services makes sense

3D rendering makes it possible to create realistic imagery that depicts designs, scenery, buildings, and even animations. Designers and architects rely on this technology to produce visuals that give a better overview of a project. Due to this fact, this industry is projected to have a global market value of $3.64 bn by the end of 2023.

This technology doesn’t just end with the architectural industry. It’s also being used in the space of arts, marketing, real estate, and other industries that require quality visuals.

The limited talent pool and high costs of 3D rendering make it a headache for companies that need such services. As a result, most businesses turn to outsourcing as a way to meet the demands of projects and production needs.

When to Outsource 3D Rendering

Gauging when the best time is to outsource largely depends on the current state of your internal affairs. Will your in-house team be open to this idea? Can help not be found internally? Is the management willing to shell out a budget for a third party?

It is often a good idea to outsource 3D rendering services when you need to produce high-quality visuals quickly, don’t have the time or resources to do the renderings yourself, or need a more realistic look than what is achievable with standard rendering software.

Experiencing the following situations below might point to signs that you need to outsource:

  • 3D rendering is not your organization’s core expertise
  • Slow-moving and longer turnaround time of 3D rendering projects in the pipeline
  • A one-time project requires 3D modeling/visualization
  • Pitches and proposals need to be upgraded with visual models
  • You’re bidding for 3D model projects in industrial or real estate sectors

5 Advantages of Outsourcing 3D Rendering Services

The complexity and level of skill this service requires make it difficult for companies to find experts who know their craft. Outsourcing helps solve this problem with the wide range of resources they have under their belt that also optimize workflow and enhance cost efficiency.

1. Reduce and Control Expenses

Like any other industry, their number one reason for outsourcing is to reduce costs in the long run. Companies can adjust the number of artists they employ depending on the number of projects they currently have.


Offshoring to prime outsourcing destinations such as the Philippines also has lower employment costs compared to its Western counterparts. With this, employers can also save on equipment expenses and office space.

2. Access to world-class expertise

Outsourced professionals continuously upskill to remain competitive and updated with the industry’s best practices. They also familiarize themselves with multiple software and tools to accommodate whatever cutting-edge technology a client requires them to use.


BPO firms can find and provide any level of expertise clients need – whether they need a novice eager to gain experience or veterans who have decades worth of portfolio.

3. Quick Turnaround

High-quality visuals aren’t easy to achieve. With remote 3D artists though, they can work swiftly to provide eye-catching visuals because they’re free from other administrative and ad hoc duties. Since they are trained and have mastered various CAD software, they can also complete projects using different programs without a hitch.


This also assures that they have enough time to turn a project around if revisions and other necessary requirements are needed by the client.

4. Quality Assurance

Even the smallest mistake in size or measurements can disrupt 3D rendering. Remote 3D artists undergo different layers of QA to ensure that their designs are free from errors and, in turn, establish a smooth rendering process.


They are keen on details and magnify every component of a project to avoid mediocre, error-ridden work for their clients.

5. Scalability

When you outsource 3D rendering services, you can adjust the number of artists you need depending on the number of projects you currently have. This allows companies to calibrate their spending and how they allocate their resources.


Having great scalability also allows businesses to stay agile, no matter the current state of their company.

Outsource 3D Rendering Services

If these benefits are enough to make you consider outsourcing 3D rendering services, get in touch with The Remote Group’s experts to discuss your needs and how our team can help you.

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